July 08, 2017

Carla - saved by a four year old child with a beautiful soul.


8th July 2017

This is a wonderful event that must have a beautiful ending... Carla has saved her first dog.

One of our loyal Spanish volunteers has a 4 year old daughter. Her Mama is an animal activist
and a lovely lady who, like us, would do anything to save a life. 
Last week they were walking in a forest with friends and were drinking a coffee in the cafeteria
nearby, the children were playing with each other around the tables on the terrace. 

All of a sudden our volunteer couldn't see her daughter anymore, there was a big panic of 
course, everybody looking for her...
Then she saw her daughter in the bushes, sitting on the ground, chatting to a Podenco, who 
was sitting next to her, very relaxed. 

When the mama came closer, the Podenco ran away. Little Carla was very upset, because 
'her' doggy was very ill, she told her mother. 'She has to come with us Mama', crying and 
crying. The Mama thought, I will let her sit for a while, maybe she will come back to my 
daughter. She informed Carla that should the dog came back, she should pet her and then 
carefully pull a leash around her head. Just keep sitting next to the dog, and Mama will come 
and we will take her to the vet...Just don't let go of the leash, ok?

That was how it was done... and the tired Podenco came back to the child and sat next to 
her, she let the child pet and cuddle her. Carla slowly put the leash over her head.... when 
Mama came closer, she had to be very quick, but the dog Carla (named after the girl), came 
with them. She was a mother who'd had many puppies, she was pregnant again and had a 
lot of scars, was scared, but now was saved. 

The girl Carla was so happy and proud, she had saved her first dog! Like Mama, like daughter.
They are our future, may there be many children like Carla, so that the fight against animal 
suffering will still continue. 

Carla, the Podenco mama is now with us and receiving the necessary care. She was lucky, 
and now let's keep her safe and lucky.

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