July 22, 2017

Lito: what a difference a year makes!

2017-07-17 / 2016-07-17 Lito

Yesterday it was 366 days since I had the good fortune to pick up Lito from Schiphol - an unimaginable trip, certainly for a sick dog, but the emergency was great, very great. Any risk would have been more than worth it, because otherwise this dog, in his condition, would have only six weeks to live.

Every effort had been made to get this nice four-legged to Belgium in time, which was absolutely unclear given the Spanish legislation on animal welfare.

But on 17/07/2016 it happened - that's how he had spent a lot of the summer, waiting, but with a some freak chances, landed at Schiphol - to the amazement all the locals on the spot, including the Dutch volunteers. The attached pictures are obvious.

But we achieved it, with huge thanks to Dr. Tom Hendrickx who discovered the correct diagnosis  after Lito's arrival, and started treatment. Tom = My Forever Hero!

Despite the cost tag, I have not regretted that I have chosen for the LITO option: he is and will remain until his last breath of life, "mon petit prince"

I would like to tell you more about our coming walks / activities at SHIN - so watch this space.


Before - such a sick doggie

Skin and bone!

What a difference - loving care, excellent treatment makes a transformation

Happy and healthy

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