July 15, 2017


Ava was saved from a well. She must have had a special angel watching out for her, that's for sure.

Some young girls who were walking in a wooded area kept hearing intense crying, over and over again. It was so intense, so desperate it sounded like a cry for help. They searched and searched and finally they saw a well, but it was covered with blackberry brambles.

There was no way to reach it. And no way for a creature to get out of it. But the sound was coming from there. So they struggled and struggled to get to it. And what they found was indescribable. A skinny black dog was trying to jump against the walls of the well, trying with the little strength she had left. But they were unable to get her out.

Only after they got help from their brother were they able to pull her out to safety. The poor thing was tied up with a double nylon cord and round her neck an iron chain attached to a metal ring with a padlock right down at the bottom of the well. She was definately meant to die there, and it would have been a horrible death for this poor, innocent soul. It's unbelievable what some humans are capable of.

Ava is also the goodness itself, a really good dog. Very submissive and humble she crawls up to us as if she is afraidof being beaten. This poor dog has had to live through hell. She will recover, slowly but surely, and leave this nightmare behind. It's uncomprehensible how people can treat any animal like this.

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