July 22, 2017

Gremlita and Gara - abandoned and tied to our gate in 45 degree heat ...

Gremlita en Gara, vastgebonden aan de poort van de refugio, de hitte (45 graden) trotserend,...

We found these brave little dogs, Gremlita and Gara, tied to the gate of the refugio in the hottest of weather - it was 45 degrees. 

The two little dogs were clearly together ... Gremlita is a 6-year-old who, like Gara, has already brought a lot of puppies in the world. She has a mass under her belly and needs surgery and a thorough examination. When we untied Gremlita, Gara managed to escape. She was terrorized and in a terrifying state of fear.

When we walked Gremlita outside a few hours later, Gara saw that it was ok, she came up to us spontaneously and walked with us into the Refugio. It's unbelievable how sensitive they are, how they feel things. They are not stupid and do not tell me that a dog cannot think.

Gara had only recently given birth. They dumped her with the breasts full of milk but her puppies were taken away from her.  Both are inseparable, they have always been together. Gara is younger -both are lovely, gentle and good dogs, neither of them have a blessed life but have lived in a true hell - then just abandoned, tied up in the hot sun with breasts full of milk.  How in God's name can you ever accept such things. How can you ever accept that people could be so heartless as to do such a thing to such innocent creatures.

Please click their names here for more information - Gremlita and Gara

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