July 15, 2017

Reina - a big, cuddly softy wants to be your soul mate.


Our sweet lady Reina lives up to her name, for she really is a Queen. Despite that she hasn't had any luck because she's been with us since October 2014 - two and a half years and counting. She's 5 years and 9 months old and we so want her to find her own beloved family and warm forever basket. The only possible reason this dear creature has been so unlucky may be because she is a bigger dog, a Masin Espagnol.

Poor Reina had a rough time. While still young, heavily pregnant, she gave birth in that most dreadful of places, a killing station. Only two of her ten pups survived: Dimpy and Dompy, two incredibably beautiful Mastin pups. Seven of them died under sad circumstances in that horrible place, which is no place for dogs, let alone tiny puppies. The other little one at least had loving care at the Refugio but sadly was too weak, despite all our efforts.

Reina was a super mum and took care of her babies wonderfully. Beautiful Dimpy and Dompy were adopted while still very young, which is really great. But their devoted mum is still with us. She has a real Mastin character. She's friendly with everyone but stays alert, as it should be. Her master will be her God. She can be placed with other dogs - sometimes she is a little bit rough with little dogs but only through enthusiasm and ignorance. Patience and loving training will soon change that.

So, who loves bigger dogs? Who would like this beautiful, gentle girl by their side. She is longing to become your soul mate. You will never regret the day you welcomeed her into your home and heart.

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