July 22, 2017

Toetoe was thrown on the street after having many litters of puppies ... and then there was more tragedy.

After a life of suffering, Toetoe was thrown on the street where finally she found a soulmate. Only to see him hit by a car. This loyal, wonderful dog refused to leave her friend and risked everything to stay by his side.

Toetoe, a Mastin Mama gave birth to a whole lot of puppies. Every time she was in heat she got imperegnated. After a while, she became worn out, she grew older and less vigilant, she gave birth to fewer puppies, she was no longer welcome, and she was thrown out. And thus Toetoe began her life on the streets, and like so many other similar dogs, she had to try to survive.

Usually these dogs are hunted down, stoned with stones or people turn their backs and walk away. They are welcome nowhere, banned by humans and deprived of their company. In the end, she found a boyfriend, an abandoned Bodegerootje, thrown out like her. They went everywhere together, where you saw Too, you saw the little Bodegerootje, soulmates in difficult times.

One day the Bodegerootje was hit by a car and remained on the road motionless, Toetoe sat for days and nights beside her loyal friend's body, she did not leave him even for a moment. The people in the vicinity alerted us that the killing station people were coming to take away the body and then they would take Toetoe too, and her days would be numbered.  So that's how Toetoe came to us.

She is a quiet, sweet Mastin, social and committed to the whole group she lives with. She is a good soul, there is no harm in her at all. She just lets whatever happens happen and accept it. You can see in her eyes that she doesn't expect much from this life any more. She has seen too much and suffered a hard life.

She doesn't understand that life can be different now. She has never experienced a better life.

Toetoe - we will show you that your life is now changed. There are people who love you. You can be happy. Who will offer a loving home to this graceful, loyal dog who has suffered so much?

For more information about this sweet deserving and loyal dog, please click here.


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