March 24, 2018

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Street Dogs in Spain get new homes, thanks to a Belgian woman.


Stray dogs are a plague in Spain. There are so many  dogs wandering around that the government has opened a number of killing stations or perreras to tackle the nuisance. Fabienne Paques, the founder of Spanish Dogs in Need (SHIN) saves the stray dogs by buying them from the killing stations and giving them a new home.

Meanwhile, Fabienne has saved more than 18 000 Spanish dogs. SHIN offers constant shelter for 650 dogs divided among two refuges in Spain. The employees and volunteers will then look for new owners for the dogs in Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria.

Three Kings, Three Kings, give me a new dog!

'My greatest wish is that all our work is no longer necessary and the Spaniards no longer see these animals as disposable objects. Unfortunately, that is a utopia, 'says Fabienne. Dogs are not seen in Spain as the four-legged friend they are to us. The dogs that arrive at Fabienne's refuge were left behind by their owners during a move, or dumped on the street, or in waste containers, in a field or in one of the killing stations.

Stray dogs are not problem dogs

SHIN emphasizes that the dogs that are usually donated in Spain are not problem dogs. "People are tired of the dog. The puppy is no longer a cute puppy ', says Fabienne. There is also the Spanish tradition to give a dog as a gift for Three Kings on 6 January. As a result, people are presented with a dog, whether they want it or not, or they buy it because it's tradition. Getting or buying a dog is therefore an impulsive business in Spain. As a result, they are just as impulsively disposed of as purchased.

Should you be interested in adopting a dog from SHIN, then be sure to visit Creme Marieke this summer. There they have delicious ice cream for dogs and their owners.

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