March 03, 2018


ON February 17, Shana has been 1 year with me and my dwarf schnauzertje. Shana is doing well. She is a very sweet treasure. I am very happy with her. She listened very well from the beginning.
She has become very determined to please me. She goes to the sea a lot and she loves. Shana is completely focussed on food. She gets two meals a day and she comes to me to let me know when it is time to eat. She also knows exactly when it's time to go for a walk, because when I'm sitting in front of the computer, she comes to push my arm up with her nose - it's time, let's go!

She is a very, very nice, sweet dog. I hope to have her for a long time. It is about time that Spaniards became educated about the needs of animals, because it needs to stop now, this way they just throw all these animals out on the streets. Fortunately, there are those who do love animals such as the well-known and beloved singer Alvaro Soler who has 2 dogs and also composed a song called Animal.

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