March 18, 2018

Oceano no. 10874 and now Ozzy, has been with us for 3 years

Ozzy recently had his third birthday. In the attachment you will find a picture with his thick winter coat. He is super! Active and social with everyone!

He is slightly overweight at the moment because he has had cortisone medication because of an autoimmune disorder in his nose (Pemfigus foliaceus).

Currently this is well under control and he is doing very well.
He is such a positive character and brings us good luck every day!

All the best and success with the beautiful work that you continue to accomplish!

PS: recently friends (who sometimes see Ozzy) have reserved your Rockie!
Also it is also going very weil with Tizon (now Willy). So soon Ozzy & Willy will play together with newcomer Rockie!


Ozzy & Kris

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