March 31, 2018

Victim of the breeders, but braver than anyone ... Coccinelle!

From the daybook

She has the sweetest face as well as the sweetest character

It would be hard to find a dog as noble as Coccinelle, she is innocence itself and friendship shines out of her, ... Used as a breeding bitch and after 4 years of inexorable suffering, just dumped on the street - "take her or leave her, but we no longer need her." So she came to us, with a coat that had not been maintained for years and where you really fell back because of the stench, ... A dog that was never appreciated, nor cherished, but used and used up.

We call her Coquine, because if you just look at her she will respond, a bit awkward but completely happy because after a few sessions at the hairdressers and nice baths she looks completely different, but especially, she feels a very different dog, and she is indescribably grateful for it. The first steps in the grass, the first walk, some awkward but so happy, the soft basket that now caresses her delicate body, with soft fleece blankets. She now rolls about without stopping, because suddenly she feels reborn.

Coquine is a dog you will need to get to know, to discover her lovely character.  It may be that she will face medical costs in the future, we do not know, what we do know is that she deserves a better life, and a boss that is well aware of it and has considered it carefully and knows what he or she is getting into ... She must get heaven on earth!

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