March 27, 2018

Ton and Trudy

Memorial card - Ton and Trudy.

Together out, together at home

After a life marked by simplicity, goodness, caring, honesty, and love, our mum and dad, grandmother and grandfather passed away.

Trudy van den Broek - Spronk
* Utrecht 11 December, 1948     + Venlo 23rd March 2018

Ton van den Broek
* Utrecht January 16, 1948        + Venlo 25th March 2018

Reunited in love

Alain and Monique van den Broek
Isla, Nina

Gabrielstraat 26, 5916 SV Venlo

Trudy is at the Farewell Center Veldzicht, at the Margrietstraat 3 in Velden

Ton has made his body available to science.

The farewell service will take place on Friday 30 March at 12:30 in the crematorium, located at Grote Blerickse Bergenweg 30 in Blerick.

Following the service you are welcome to come together in the coffee room of the crematorium.

Instead of receiving flowers, a gift for Hospice Mariaweide would be preferred.

Collecting boxes for this will be present at the farewell service.

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