March 03, 2018


foto van Ace-charity Fabienne Paques.

A month ago, Nemo was able to come to the Netherlands. Unfortunately, the world of his adopters suddenly changed drastically, something the had nothing to do with Nemo,  but unfortunately it means that we have to look for new owners for him. Nemo is a sturdy boy, but with a heart of gold. In the short time that he has been in the Netherlands, he has already shown that he is clean, that he sleeps in a bench, that he can be home alone for a while, that he can go with you in the car and that he can play with a ball. He gets along with other dogs, although at first he may be somewhat dominant to other males. After a more extensive acquaintance, it is then okay. Nemo listens well already and sits on command. If you continue training him, he will undoubtedly learn more commands. Nemo is very human-oriented, the expectation is that he is also nice with children, but he has not met any so far. It is also not known how he reacts to cats. Nemo is a sporting dog, you can go jogging well and take him with you. He also needs that movement, although he also sleeps a lot at home. A nice companion, our Nemo and a dog we prefer to place with experienced people who know that you also have to be consistent.

For more information about beautiful Nemo, please click here.

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