March 03, 2018

Peonza, after years of patience she is finally with us!

From Fabienne's Diary

Peonza is a Podenco lady who lived for years on an industrial estate ... She was so afraid of people that she always managed to escape and could never be caught. She is the mother of many Podencoots, including Carmen and Carmela, ... She lived among the trucks, moved from one group to another. The truck drivers who ate their sandwiches daily on the property always shared something with the mummy Podenco, ... They often took the puppies give away, the others were run over or disappeared, or died of illness or deprivation, ... A policeman, specialized in catching difficult un-approachable dogs, managed to snare mama Peonza, ... He also helped us at the time in catching Julia and Banzai, now also with Peonza. Just in time, because there were complaints, the killing station had also tried for a while to get her in there. She was, of course, once again pregnant, ... Notwithstanding the fact that she is afraid, she lets us caress her and we hope that she will slowly but surely recover.

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