July 31, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Will you take care of my Lupita?

Friday 30 July 2021

Tutu was a very sweet, good friend of mine. She was Indian Canadian and since 1999, when ACE | SHIN began, and at the same time the beginning of our fight against animal injustice, we were soul mates and that has never changed during the following 22 years. Tutu was a great animal lover all her life, and a wonderfully humorous, intelligent and cheerful lady with allure! We spent hours together to be able to change something about the many animal suffering, but during COVID we couldn't see each other. We spoke regularly but visiting was out of the question. And now the visit is no longer necessary. Tutu suddenly left, … So sad, so terribly sad. We never saw each other again, but she always asked me to take care of her dog, Lupita, if one day she would be gone.

Since her death Lupita has been at our office, one of our office dog. Lupita is a 7 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, once found on the street, and raised surrounded by love and tasty Indian chicken with vegetables. She adored her boss, and vice versa, they were together day and night, together with the cat. Here it doesn't work well with kittens, but this will take some time. Lupita now lives in the office with the dogs, but sometimes dares to go against a dominant figure. With people and children she is a dream dog, a sweetheart, very quiet in the house, and used to living in a home, just being pampered.

Lupi is very sad for her owner, she has already lost a lot of weight out of grief. Who gives this sweet Stafford a chance, another happy life? It is a good, faithful sweetheart who is having a hard time right now,… We hope that may change soon.

For more information about sad Lupita, please go to the Dutch version as the information is not yet translated into English. There is however a French version.

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