July 20, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Felipe was hunted by the people of the village ...

 Monday 19 July 2021

Felipe is a dog that was dropped off by someone in a small village in the interior of Spain. At first everyone thought he was a cool guy and he got to eat at the restaurants, and he was liked. He walked from person to person but none of them took him into his heart. When the tourists stayed away and he just stayed wandering around, he gradually became a disturbing subject and he received blows and kicks. He was no longer welcome anywhere, which made him very skittish and afraid of people.

He was noticed by one of our volunteers, and even had to be caught with a trap because he was so scared. In the meantime he has been staying in shelter with very sweet foster parents for several months and Felipe is gradually being himself again. He now gets hugs and is treated with respect and love. He is only 35 cm high and easy to take with you wherever you go. Because that's what we want for this little guy who saw hell, and now deserves heaven.  He's an adorable sweet and good dog, and social with other dogs.

For more information about sweet and good Felipe, please click on his name.

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