July 30, 2021

Lottie ( Yosie )

Tuesday 27 July 2021

 Dear little Lottie

She has been with us for over a year now.

Lotje came to us with the diagnosis Leishmania for which she also received medication.

What a sweet endearing little dog, she came, saw and conquered.

She quickly changed from a small skinny dog ​​with a burdened past to a confident, slightly mischievous well-fed young lady.

She ended up in a pack with 4 galgos and a king poodle.

She soon felt safe with her 4 big sisters (3 galgas and a king poodle and a big galgo brother.

Let's be honest, it makes a difference if you are lovingly taken in and accepted.

That was no problem, from the moment she entered our garden she was extensively sniffed and welcomed.

She didn't know what happened to her when she, tired from the journey and all the impressions, ended up in her warm soft basket.

What happiness, what love. She also clicked well with her people, although the preference was clearly for the owner who picked her up, the female was a bit exciting in the beginning.

But when she realized that she too is kind to her, it was soon good.

It was so much getting used to all the new impressions and rules.

Because a lot is allowed but jumping on the table while eating and eating from the plates, she had to learn to stop hahaha...

No problem for Lotje, who picked up on everything very quickly, also thanks to her new dog family who quickly taught her where to pee and where to wait for your bowl of food.

She does that neatly because she now knows the order of the distribution.

Lotje is a huge hug, as soon as someone takes a seat on the couch she is there like the chickens to conquer a place on your lap or to snuggle up close to you, she loves that.

Bring on those pats!! Also cuddling with the other dogs is wonderful, she has made forever friends with Amy, our black galgo.

Fortunately, her health is now very good, the medication for the treatment of the leishmania could be stopped by the vet because it is no longer detectable in the blood.

The vet will of course keep a close eye on this.

The grandchildren (3 and 4) who regularly come to play are also doing very well.

Throwing a tennis ball that Lotje then enthusiastically retrieves and returns is a favorite.

Although they have to pay close attention to their toys because Lotje also wants to play with them and then it doesn't stay whole.

Fortunately, the dogs have their own basket full of stuffed animals and toys, but learning what is yours and what is not, well that takes some time.

And that time is enough, because Lotje has stolen our hearts and will stay with us forever !!

Lottie in the refugio

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