July 23, 2021

Our Zape needs extra attention!

 Tuesday 20 July 2021

Urgent appeal for Zape

Our Zape is an urgent case that we would like to draw attention to. He was rescued from a killing station together with his brother; two brothers who were timid at first but then slowly grew into two cool, fun rascals. He is a sweet boy, who is very social with other dogs.

Zape was unlucky and didn't find his right place yet, even though he is a pleasant good and social companion. He walks well on a lead and enjoys walks. He is still startled by unexpected noises, but if you talk to him and reassure him, things will be fine again. Zape needs time to discover everything at his own  pace, then things get better and better.

An owner without patience is not a match for Zape, that deters him and can have the opposite effect. He is a very gentle and good dog, who would do anything for you, out of pure friendship. Who gives this handsome boy a chance to succeed, where can he finally become happy?

For more information about our lovely Zape, please click on his name.


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