July 30, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Joy ... a best friend!

 Wednesday 28 July 2021

A most sociable sweetheart, a sweetheart of a dog. Social with people and animals, and can't get enough of a lovely chat and being together. He was rescued from a killing station as a little puppy, and it's a miracle he made it through, because puppies are so neglected and barely fed so often don't see the light of day.

Joy is an optimist, a sweet rascal, a best friend. He is easy to get along with, is now learning to live with humans and animals, from his foster family. He is a good family dog, a dog that needs an owner who walks and respects him, cuddles and gives him that happiness that every animal is entitled to. A heaven on earth…

For more information about friendly Joy, please click on his name. 

To see a video of this sweet boy, please see the Dutch blog

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