July 25, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Cami, our latest worry child, can't find a home ...

 Friday 23 July 2021

Cami originally stayed at another shelter, from where she was taken into a veterinary practice, in the hope that she would have a little more chance of adoption. There they discovered that she had become a sick dog, who was quietly sinking into her own world.

She was a little Bodeguero, who also had leishmania, and a severe allergy that had seriously affected her skin. She was really suffering . The small shelter in the interior of Spain had responded well when the doctor suggested that she be admitted to his clinic, because it was 5 to 12. She received all the care, treatment and love she needed, but her owner already left, giving up on her.  Few people can handle such a sucker, all the more because she will remain a worry child.

Cami is very submissive and knows she has been lucky, she is social with people and other animals. She is a dog that needs to end up somewhere where people realize she needs to go to the vet every now and then, needs medication and is a worry child. It is a difficult dog to place because of her problems, but she herself is the sweetest baby there is.

Maybe, little Cami, we can find the right owner for you. Someone who wants to make you happy knowing that you will need a lot of care, medication and the occasional doctor.

For more information about sweet Cami, please click on her name. Please note, this link will take you to the Dutch blog.There is no English translation on the site for Cami at the moment. 

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