July 23, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Fito, 5 month old puppy and already 25 kg - a giant!

 Wednesday 21 July 2021

He walked in the heat of the afternoon, with his head low as if it were his last steps … 40 degrees and more in the sun, in the middle of the campo. He was completely dehydrated and very weak, but after a few days in hospital things got a lot better for him. He is, we think, a mix Irish Wolfhound, but who is going to confirm that? In any case, he is a sweetheart of a puppy who is very social with people and animals, all other dogs and cats are his friends.

You can see him growing while you look at  him… He is going to get really huge, because he is now barely 5 months old and already weighs 25 kg. We are looking for people who know this breed and who know how to handle it, people with a large garden and a feeling for this great giant, because that is what he will become. He is a soft, sweet dog, thanks to his current foster family who give him a good start with all the love.

Fito is up for adoption, but only to a 'more than good' home!!

For more information about our Fito, please click on his name.

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