July 30, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Six poor suckers, their owner had to go to prison.

 Tuesday 27 July 2021

We received an urgent call for some dogs whose owners had to go to jail. He had to take all his dogs to the killing station if there was no other solution. We went there, and you can't imagine what we found there. The dogs were in their own dirt, a dirty, nasty affair. We were able to save the poor wretches with great difficulty and take them with us.

We also tried to catch the cats, but it was an impossible task, they were completely wild and extremely fearful. The housing of the dogs, cats, rabbits and the man himself was simply a pigsty. All the dogs are with us, and another organisation took care of the cats and rabbits. You'll find a video of the rescue on the Dutch blog - https://acedoggyblog.blogspot.com/2021/07/dagboek-van-fabienne-zes-sukkelaars-hun.html?m=1

Bijouke, Selena, Carlie, Faustino, Babette and Crocky are now with us and waiting for an owner.

For more information about each of them, please click on their names below their photos.

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