July 30, 2021

Very happy with Mailo (ACE Mako 19122)

 Saturday 24 July 2021

What a sweetheart he is! And so smart! He is eager to learn and already knows the commands 'here', 'sit' and 'down'.

In the car, he is attached to a special strap in the lock of the seat belt. And then he lies down. No squeaking or unrest.

We went to the beach, Parnassia in Bloemendaal. And he loved it. Ran through the water and made contact with other four-legged friends. He is very social.

24:00 last pee outside and then sleep until about 06:00. I then hear movement in the crate and let him out quietly. No squeaking or other noises. He is sooo happy

Quickly outside for the necessary pee and poop (he has nice firm turds) and then back inside. Then he goes nuts for a while.

I'm going to fill his slow eater bowl with his kibble and he already knows that he has to sit down for a while. Until his food is in place. Then I say he can eat. And then he quietly goes to his bowl.

Saturday 24 July first lesson of puppy course. I wonder if he can learn new things there, haha… he is already ready for the lessons for advanced dogs.

He is enjoying his new home and we are enjoying him. Here is a video of this cutie.

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