July 25, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Our old granny, Lola.

 Tuesday 20 July 2021

An abuelita sentenced to death. She lived since she was a little, beautiful Shepherd with Juan and his mother. Mother and Juan were inseparable since birth and when his mom died 4 years ago, her Juan fell into a deep depression and didn't come out anymore. Lola was his right hand since a little boy and they were inseparable too. Lola stayed by her owner's side, no matter what. 

When Juan became so ill that he had to be hospitalized, no one thought of Lola, his only love and his consolation for twelve years. She remained locked on a terrace of 2 meters by 2 meters, and now and then a brother came throwing some food sent by Juan, and even that was too much for them, so much so that they called the killing station to pick up and finish Lola.

When Juan heard this, he resisted with his last strength, and thanks to him we were able to save Lola from death. Due to the sad circumstances, Lola was also in a bad way, her eyes were inflamed, she had conjunctivitis. Her fur was in a horrible condition, she had severe arthritis from little exercise and her overweight.

Now she's staying with us and she's starting her second childhood. She gets the necessary medication and is now on a diet.  Lola herself is gradually starting to feel like her short life started again, even playing with the ball again. 

Who will give her a beautiful and happy home?

For more information about beautiful Lola, please click on her name.

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