July 23, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Blondie, pregnant on the street in this unbearable heat!

 Thursday 22 July 2021

It can often be called a miracle that dogs that are dumped survive.  In the interior it is unbearably hot and there is not a drop of water in sight, no food, no place where they can relax, because that is not for them, not allowed.  They don't know why, even if they come from dubious and sad backgrounds, the loyalty of every dog ​​is unconditional and unfathomable.  Despite being thrown away, they keep hoping that their owner will come back.

Blondie had been walking around in a mountain village in the deep interior of Spain for 4 months. No one looked at her or asked about her. It was up to her to survive. Until one day a woman saw the suffering, a thin, skinny dog and pregnant too. Her big belly visible and above it the ribs clearly visible from the many months of starvation. Blondie was taken away and that's how she came into our picture.

Fortunately, she could still be aborted, gradually regained strength, gradually started to sleep a little more peacefully. And they are able to go to sleep when they can come home to someone for a while. Now, two months later, Blondie is a friendly and very grateful dog. She can be very playful and active, after which she can relax and enjoy herself stretched out on the couch.

Blondie is not fond of cats, but there is no problem with other dogs, and she adores people. She loves to cuddle and learns quickly and willingly, she can sit and lie down and likes to play ball. A medium sized Blondie Girl that will give you a very good and very unique dog.

For more information about Blondie, please click on her name.

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