June 17, 2018

Festival !!!!

Dear All,

I have to be honest with you,  I went a bit crazy tonight. Others go to a festival, I just did it in the park.

I was off the lead,  there were a lot of crows, so exciting, so I followed them. They flew in all directions but also came back with great speed just as hard. So exciting - it looked like the birds in the Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Then I really got the taste. And so later when I saw young ducklings I found that great, because everything was new and beautiful. I was feeling in the mood to hang out with them, so I followed them and jumped into the water under the bridge and yes I heard my boss calling, but I thought that this is my party.

But it was so steep everywhere I could not get out; luckily a jogger came by and my boss called him, and he got me out.

I was immediately put back on the lead. I wanted to play with another dog but I had to go home because my boss said I stank. I still did not think I had done anything wrong, but there was no question but I had to obey.

At home I had to go under the shower and my boss was not happy because she had cleaned everything that day. And then, when I had been washed but was not completely dry, I jumped on the bed. Again, not good, as it had was just freshly cleaned.

I must stay here now, can't you see me lying down and looking so sad. She had promised that we could have an ice cream when we got home. And I have not yet had one, because she is angry with me. But you know I have already seen her laugh; she thinks I have not seen it! And she is never angry for long.

We have just moved to live in Zwijndrecht.  I have also been in the Devel. And yes, my boss should not have come to live somewhere with so much water and so many locks.

Dear dog friends, life in the Netherlands is really cool, I want to thank all dogs from Spain, and dear people for saving me from the killing station, otherwise I could never have lived like that and be so naughty.

So grown ups, I'd say this was my focal point - this was my very best summer tee-tee!

ACE / Shin thank you for all your beautiful work and all the volunteers you are all TOPPERS

Cuddles from Gabber

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