June 24, 2018

Dogs banned from the beaches and lakes ... you only have to see it once! I was stunned by what I saw!

  Addicted dogs have smoked countless cigarettes and thrown the butts on the grass and sand;

Mummy dogs have changed their babies and left the Pampers lying on the ground or dumped in the bushes;
Messy dogs have simply left their crumpled Mc Donalds bags and trays lying around.

  Party doggy's have apparently thrown a party, which you can clearly see from the empty beer cans and bottles, crisps and liquor bottles, nothing is thrown in the container next to it;
Horny dogs have covered  bitch and left their used condoms lying around;

   Only ...... I haven't seen many dogs!!!!!

So yes, the municipalities are right to ban dogs on the beach, along the lakes and other nature reserves ......

People would never cause such a terrible mess ??????????

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