June 02, 2018

PLEASE WILL YOU HELP POOR WOUNED GORDO and get him out of the killing station.

FROM THE DIARY - Gordo, weighing 6 kg, with no claws and a very badly hurt leg, ...

Gordo is my name, I am a cat and I weigh 6 kg, ... My claws were taken off by my owners, so I cannot defend myself anymore. This week I fell from the terrace. My leg was damaged. So then my owner brought me, badly hurt, to the killing station, he did not want me anymore. Currently I am in the killing station and I am waiting to be freed.  In the meantime I am sitting with a leg that is badly damaged, with huge pain and fear of dying. My paw needs urgent care and help, I am an ordinary cat, a brave, strapping cat ... Who will help me to get an operation on my paw? Who will get me out of here?

For more information about Gordo click here

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