June 16, 2018

Our students work hard and also have fun ...

We owe a great deal to our students. For most of the year they come in smaller or larger groups to help us in the Refugio. They work hard, they keep the place spotless, they feed the dogs and take them out to play, they give them cuddles and try to make their lives here as happy as possible. Sometimes they are able to adopt a dog they have fallen in love with. They come back and see us. Or sometimes - like Kelly and Veerle - they become permanent members of the team.

Our students enjoy their delicious food at the Hollanse Bar ... fries with frikandel😝😝

In the sunshine, our students prepare the dogs, for their departure for their new owners! A nice wash, safe collar and harness and then ..... they'll be on their way home 😊

A lovely cool wash in the hot sun.

That's better!

Getting nice and dry.

Choosing a lovely collar and harness, ready to go to the airport.

Student Joany helps in the clinic ... extra cuddle time!

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