June 16, 2018

Our Copperfield - a lost soul with a lot of potential

From Fabienne's Diary ...

Our Copperfield, he has a magical name, but even so it didn't get him a home yet... something that he - an ordinary brown, sweet dog - cannot understand. He is  so friendly and devoted, not too big, but with so many capacities... what a lovely dog!

He loves to go for a walk. but can also lie quietly next to you after a walk.. When he can be close to you, he feels like a king, he can deal with the world. Copperfield is a dog that will never disappoint you, if he can just belong to you. 

He is social, attentive, loves to work and has an outstanding good character! He has seen so many friends leave and he stays behind everytime.. he really doesn't deserve this... he would love to fly to his own warm basket!

For more information about beloved, wonderful Copperfield, please click here

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