June 10, 2018

Give me time and I'll give you all the love I have to give ...

Now I have arrived at your home ...everything is strange and sometimes I do not feel good .... Do not be impatient if I do not sleep in the basket straight away, yesterday I slept on straw. Do not be alarmed, if I quickly gobble up my food, yesterday I had to do that to survive. Do not get angry if I do my business in the house, yesterday it did not matter where I did it. Forgive me if I have broken something, I never had beautiful things around me before. Do not be sad if I'm afraid of your loving hand - yesterday it was still a rarity that people stroked me. Please be patient with me, this is your world but not yet mine. Never forget I was a mutt and I have still to learn everything. Once I trust you I will give you the best thing I can give, what I will give you is my heart.

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