June 02, 2018

DIARY - Bailey, a heavily pregnant mommy cat at the trash cans, ...

She had been dumped some time ago at a cat colony in a suburb of Ronda, by a family that went back to their homeland. At least that was the case according to the neighbors who lived near the bins where the cat was looking for food every day. The female that brought them food was able to approach her; she was not wild at all but rather domestic and therefore did not find her way on the street.

When she became pregnant, the local residents were urgently looking for a shelter or some help but none came, until they came to us. We took this unfortunate in. She was well advanced in pregnancy, but at the same time very skinny. We were very surprised then when she gave birth the very next day. Kittens who might have been born somewhere in the wild, doomed to see hell.

Mama Bailey is an excellent and very caring mommy to her 5 little hummels, fiddling around her. All different in color and character, it is so indescribably beautiful to see, ... Mama who finally can find the peace and love to give to her little ones without being rushed. She is no longer defenseless on the streets but with us and her little ones too. A cat who has a sweet and good character, who is grateful to be saved. When she sees that you are near, this special sweetheart sits down and will spontaneously begins to purr.

Bailey and her deal little kittens - of every colour black, white, grey and white, honey and honeyed black striped. 

For more information about Bailey, clidk here

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