October 16, 2021

Bo (Rudolph) joined us on 19-02-2020. And how we enjoy him!

12th October 2021 

Because we are now on holiday in Andalusia, we wanted to visit the refugio where Bo was taken after he was found as a (Christmas) puppy.

On October 7, the time had come and after having had email contact, we were warmly welcomed by Tanya. Fabienne was also there and after talking to her we were taken by Tanya for the tour and we left Bo behind with Fabienne.

We were greeted by a lot of sweet dogs, who just wanted some attention. And then all those questioning eyes that look at you from the lofts. It is distressing to see that there are so many damaged souls that are caused by humans. Physically and/or mentally abused…

The enormous drive of the entire team, to make it as pleasant as possible for the dogs with minimal resources. Tanya knew the background and name of all dogs. There were several other employees who had cared for Bo and who still recognized him. What love and passion, but also what an impotence to find a golden basket for all these sweethearts.

After we had seen everything we picked up Bo again, who was so very happy to see us. You give this to every dog, that they get a place where they feel safe.

We are very grateful to all employees for everything they do. After the visit we were speechless…

Team Ace you are the best!!!


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