October 05, 2021

Diary of Fabienne: If no one wants you anymore...

Sunday, October 3, 2021

His hideous owner had first stopped by the killing station to dump him. They didn't want him there because they had too many to put to sleep, he wouldn't live a day… They were overcrowded and overcrowded, the dogs were put to sleep on the assembly line, so the owner went to the Protectora nearby but they didn't want him either because they thought it was too big. So the owner just decided to tie him there to a post in the street and he was gone. His car drove down the street and Izzy saw his world collapse.  Panic and fear broke out on him. He stood there all day, no one cared about his fate. They literally and figuratively waited for us to pick him up, after hearing this so intensely sad story …

A Shepherd cross with a broken heart,… He is still completely out of it, but he is gradually learning to trust us! 

For more information about broken hearted Izzy, please click on his name.

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