October 31, 2021

Four traumatised Maltese terriers ...

They came in with a lot of fear, after their owners didn't want them anymore. It took us months to get them back to normal a bit, because in the beginning the dogs were terrified and terrified. Now, with the attention and many people around them, they are gradually getting used to the fact that no one will do anything to them and they can be adopted, but by owners who have to take patience and time to get used to them in their new environment. becoming, the rhythm of the day, the family, the environment, everything.

They are Maltese at heart, have all the traits of their breed, and are very loyal and affectionate once they entrust their hearts to you. They will be a bit hesitant at first, but they will be fine.

Averell, William, Jack and Joe are now looking for a warm basket and a home where they can be happy!

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