October 10, 2021

Diary of Fabienne: A special rescue.

 Thursday 7 October 2021

A goat farmer who can no longer afford food just lets his animals starve. No one says anything about this. That's how it went for the dogs too, for Rosita and May. Until we rescued the dogs, together with another organisation.  Hopefully they can still be saved, because they were badly neglected ...

A Podenco mother with the milk still in her nipples, but next to her lay the dead, starving bodies of her puppies scorched by the sun. Mother herself could barely stand on her legs. Another Podenco, along with some Galgootjes, underwent the same fate.

All are now under safe wings, and almost all the kids have now left this horrible hell. What happens here every day is unworthy of animals and human beings.

For more information about Rosita and May, please click on their names.

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