October 24, 2021

HELP!!!! We are going under! Read and sign the petition!!! And PLEASE PLEASE SHARE!!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2021

Dear RVO and NWWA,

This is a cry for help!! As a rescue organization (ACE Charity) we have been trying to be the voice of thousands upon thousands of voiceless animals for 23 years. Today not only do I speak for them, but I weep for them and plead for them; Don't let us down!!!!

How is it possible that after 23 years in rescue, in which we as an organisation have always !! but always !!!  kept ourselves neatly to the rules, how is it possible that we are now being abandoned. We who have always done things completely in order when exporting our dogs to the Netherlands, as the law proscribes. We who let our dogs and kittens go to their golden baskets with everything completely in order, to adopters who do not want to maintain brood breeding and who will not easily buy a brood breed puppy around the corner from rogue breeders who don't care about anything, only about money. Although our adopters could easily buy a (sick) puppy that same day, instead they (voluntarily) go through an entire adoption procedure because they want to do something good and want to prevent brood breeding and other illegal dog trading. They allow a home visit to check, have the patience to wait for the dog or cat to make the trip without knowing in advance when this will be.

Partly because of these people and especially thanks to countless volunteers who are selflessly committed in both Spain and the Netherlands, day in day out without any compensation or subsidy or whatever, we have been able to save almost 25,000 animals from certain death over the past 23 years. Either from a killing station or after a hard miserable life on the street, so that now they can have a home in the Netherlands and Belgium through adoption. We have fully adhered to all the rules.

We could now write a book about all the rescue / success stories.

But if it is up to the Dutch government, we must now close this book and no more success stories can be written.

Closing the book that saved 25,000 lives, the book that would save thousands and thousands of lives in the future. The book in which we are the voice of innocent beings who have already been abandoned by humanity and who are now also being abandoned by the Dutch government introducing impossible rules, whereby a legal foundation that has always done everything legally, has no way of contesting them. And all that is being done within the space of a few weeks without the possibility of looking for another solution together, so as to be able to continue to save lives.

No, bam!!! RVO will immediately close the book for us and other foundations. I'm sure you haven't even read it.

If you had done so, you would have just had to harden your heart not only in order to close the book but also to end thousands of lives in the process! Those without a voice are immediately silenced!

I will NEVER be silent and call on everyone to be the voice for our dogs and kittens and speak up with me! Speak and shout for them so that we may be heard! Shout the cry for help and beg and pray for them. It's about life and death!!

You can be a voice by signing the petition below.

Please note you will receive an email in which you have to confirm your vote, keep an eye on your spam folder!

Please!!!! Everyone sign because we can't accept this!!!

Our four-legged friends are our darlings.  Please share massively!! Sign up en masse!!

Please note that while the text of the petition is in Dutch, it says much the same as the text above. However the part you fill in has headings in English. 

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