October 20, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Heavily pregnant in the death station.

Saturday, October 16, 2021

We got a call to ask if we could rescue dogs from one of the so many killing stations, but we are overcrowded and overcrowded, so it is very difficult but we do what we can, one by one. This time it was a heavily pregnant mother who literally and figuratively was about to explode. We took her in urgently. You don't think it possible, but the unimaginable happened. The moment she entered our front door, the birth started. Six small, defenceless puppies. The mother was so full of stress that she started giving birth. First the journey from the killing station to us, then coming in at a strange place, and there her water broke. There are no words for what such a dog has to endure.

She was able to go to a foster family, but a day later two puppies were dead, and Mom herself was not well either. We immediately took her to the emergency doctor. She had a high temperature and when we did an ultrasound we saw that it was quite a bit was wrong. She had to be operated on immediately, because she still had two dead puppies, and on top of that also a pyometry. 

She endured the operation with all the strength she had, because she would get through this too. The most moving thing was that she immediately looked for her puppies when she woke up from the operation, no matter how weak she was. She wanted to see her children. Unbelievable but true, Seรฑorita is a great mom, really a sweetheart, fighting for the life of her puppies, and her own.

But a few days later it went wrong again. Our worst nightmare came true. Seรฑorita is no more. A beautiful, innocent dog, left to her own devices, and never loved before. She didn't count with her former owner, in the killing station she was a number. Here she was finally loved. She only had a few days of hope, only a few days allowed to feel what her life should be like. But she was loved by everyone.

We tell her story because she must not be forgotten. We would have loved to give her the world, but it was not allowed to be. We continue to fight for her puppies, who lost their mother way too early. They are now taken care of and bottle-raised, and we hope they'll make it.

Unfortunately, this is also part of the rescue life.

The hard, unfair goodbye.

Unreal, and hard.

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