October 15, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Three Bodeguerootjes with an individual story ...

 Monday 11 October 2021

Three dogs were walking in the street with heavy chains around their necks… They ran away, weighed down by their fears. Some volunteers saw them stumbling in the mountains in the sweltering heat. No water or houses nearby, and despite their fear they clung to each other, one following the other, as if they knew they had to go through this together.

It took a while before they were caught, and once they were with us they were frightened creatures. But now they have become cool, friendly dogs that like attention and want to belong. They are dogs that can be placed separately, best with people who are willing to put in some time and patience, because we don't think they know a house and a garden, as they were rescued with heavy chains around the neck.

They are social and sweet with other dogs, a little reserved at first but that quickly passes. They like to join them for dinner when the students have their break and a piece of sandwich comes their way. In short, ideal medium size darlings who, with a little patience, will undoubtedly become very sweet and good dogs!

For more information about Milan, please click on his name.

For more information about Ozzy, please click on his name.

For more information about Betsy, please click on her name.

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