October 20, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Catahou, a very different dog once he's away from the Refugio,...

 Sunday 17 October 2021

Our Catahou is a beautiful dog to look at but came in very unhappy, and couldn't adapt well here. For several weeks, Julia has been taking him out on her day off and going for a nice walk, having a drink on a terrace, and she describes him as follows:

Catahou is a very special dog. In our Refugio with so many fellow sufferers, stress is a major disturbing factor. Once outside, on a walk together, he is the perfect dog, he walks very well on a leash, and wants to stay close to you. Outside he doesn't even look at other dogs and even got to know my own dog and that went great. He constantly looks at you during the walk and it is as if there is a smile of happiness. He would like to play once he is relaxed and outside the rescue centre. He clearly suffers from being locked up and not being allowed to belong to anyone.

Who wants to give our Catahou a chance?

For more information about our Catahou please click on his name.

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