October 30, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: A CRY FOR HELP!!! Please sign and share our petition.

  Sunday 24 October 2021

This is a cry for help!! As a rescue organization (ACE Charity) we have been trying to be the voice of thousands and thousands of animals for 22 years. Today I don't just speak for them but cry and beg for them: Don't forsake us!!!!

How is it possible that after 22 years of rescue in which we as an organization have always, always kept to the rules and transported our dogs and cats completely in order, as required by law, to the Netherlands,how is it that we are now being abandoned? Our adopters (voluntarily) go through an entire adoption procedure, allow a home visit for checking, and patiently wait for their dog or kitten to make the trip without knowing exactly when in advance.

Partly because of them, and especially thanks to our countless volunteers who work selflessly in Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium, day in day out, without any compensation or subsidy, we have been able to save almost 25,000 animals over the past 22 years and provide them with a happy home. . We can now write a book about all rescue and success stories.

But if it is up to the Dutch government, we must now close this book and no new success stories can be written.

The new measures that they want to take effect on November 1 (next week!) are almost impossible for a foundation like ours to follow. It is believed that this can stop malicious practices, but the opposite is true. They include new quarantine rules, which would mean that adopters are no longer allowed to receive their adoptive dog or kitten directly, and stricter registration rules that would deter many adopters. When we heard about these measures, we lost our hearts, but we have to and want to move on, for our dogs and kittens!

That's why we call on everyone to join us as the voice for our dogs and cats!

Please, all sign the petition below!!

Please note you will receive an email in which you have to confirm your vote, keep an eye on your spam folder!


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