October 09, 2021

In Memoriam Moses

 Friday 8 October 2021

Dear All,

I want to let you know via this mail that we unfortunately had to say goodbye to our dear Spanish perro vagabundo Moses.

September 2012 Moses came to us and was a nice, funny, clumsy clown. An oversized mega dachshund.

He had lived together for years with our Bas (18 years old) and Saar (14 years old) whom we said goodbye to earlier.

In 2015 Felipe came to us,  a Podenco, again from Spain. They had so much fun together, as if they understood each other better too.

Together they moved to Spain with us in July of this year.

Moses was already ill then .. chronic rhinitis and his congenital radius curvus syndrome now gave him really painful front legs.

The difficult decision to let him go was so sad. But a small consolation is that he has gone to dog heaven in his native country πŸ₯°.

Much love from us,

Juan, Jacqueline and Felipe

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