October 01, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: 4 of the 15 little ones ... little bears growing up !!

 Tuesday, September 28, 2021

There they were, 15 puppies though… their mama couldn't handle the large amount of puppies.  After she was badly neglected and then got pregnant again, the birth and subsequent worry about her puppies and feeding the puppies were too much for her. They were divided among the foster families and mommy herself, in order to save lives, and these four, these saved it.

Four small, but growing Mastin puppies. One was born without a tail, one with spots, the other even in colour. They are all unique and very sweet, but they will become big boys and need owners who have the time to give them a social upbringing. Mastins are very good dogs, but if they are not well socialized that is a problem,… We are looking for people who know what they are getting into, because they are very cute but there is work to be done. Their upbringing and consistent rules are a must. Take a look at these 4 stars!

For more details about each of these darlings, please click on their names under their photos.

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