October 20, 2021

Fabienne's Diary - Our gentle giant, Timba.

 Friday, October 15, 2021

A couple was quietly enjoying a nice drink on their terrace, when they suddenly saw a cat lying on their lounger. Completely chilled and relaxed as if he were at home there. The cat of the house did not find this new resident a very nice addition and will not accept it under any circumstances. So this handsome, sympathetic giant has to live elsewhere.

And so Timba is now up for adoption. He gets along well with these people's dog and the other cats in the area. He is a quiet cat who prefers to purr in a cozy place somewhere. He is used to living in a house and misses it terribly. Timba also comes to eat at the times when he has learned that from the current reception family. He is a sweet, gentle cat with a friendly and good character!

For more information about sweet Timba, please click on his name.

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