October 02, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: I don't want to be without my owner...

 Sunday, September 26, 2021

James was an elderly lady's dog. However, she was seriously ill, but her great love, that was James. She held out until she really couldn't go on anymore and her children took her away, and at the same time got rid of this burden, because James was nothing more than that for this family. He was banished to a small balcony for months, until someone couldn't stand it anymore.

James was the child of his mistress, he was more than loved. He is good with cats and other dogs, he is housebroken. But since he has been with us, he lets himself go.… Because of grief James has become very ill, he doesn't want to live anymore. He is a bit bothered by everything, but is now being treated, as if with a dog that doesn't want to go on anymore, it's not easy. Our vet and his assistants are now bringing chicken with broth and tasty turkey along for James, and so we hope to get him to eat again.  He lost a lot of weight and wanted nothing, absolutely nothing, more food

People have no awareness, nor sense of what they can do to a dog. His entire existence lay with his wife and he should have been allowed to stay in her immediate environment, with family he knew, this would have been different. But it would have meant that they had to make some effort and commitment.

We are now fighting for our James. And we hope that he may get to know another sweet owner somewhere.

For more information about dear James, please click on his name.

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