October 05, 2021

Fabienne's Diary: Seven long years ...


Saturday 2 October 2021

Diary of Fabienne - Seven long years,...

My life story…

My name is Braco, now seven dog years old ... I cherish my memories as a puppy all these years, they keep me straight, I live them every night as if it were yesterday. I was taken from a litter, the umpteenth already from my dear mama. I was the white fluff on Christmas Day with a red bow around the box. So many children's hands loved me. To so many children I was a fluff ball, a bear, a cuddly toy.

When I grew up I grew too big and was banished to Grandpa's finca far out of town and far from everyone I thought loved me. From the age of 7 months I'm hanging on a chain. Grandpa came every other day for a while and then I was allowed to take a break, then I walked and ran, only to hang on to the chain again and stay behind on the campo, in the silence. For nights I cried and defended myself, this couldn't be true. But with the years my hope also went away, my zest for life and strength to fight this. No person who came around me, no person who could hear me. I held on to the beautiful memories because my heart kept crying for them, for those I loved.

Today they took Grandpa away, I got one last look from him. He is now being taken care of but I have to go to the killing station. No solution was sought for me, I was doomed. But you rescued me in the nick of time and I was able to go to a foster family. Here I am living the memories again, but now they are real … I can count on this again,… Here I am getting the courage to continue living.

I wish I could be happy for a few more years… 


For more information about darling Braco, please click on his name.

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