December 16, 2017

Update: Corvi - December 2017

In August we picked up Corvi in Belgium from his foster mum and took him to his golden basket in Almere (NL).

He is is a lovely dog full of life and very naughty and with a strong will of his own. In the beginning he was pretty anxious, but luckily that is already a lot less. Corvi likes running, long walks and playing with his rope. He knows a number of commands such as '' place '' but hey if he does not feel like it ... then he runs cheekily under the table and looks at you mischievously. Our 3-year-old son is also crazy about Corvi and they get on very well together. So our Corvi is a lovely treasure !! He was also very good at the vet.

We are very happy that we have saved a dog and are very satisfied with the organization and all the information and help we received during the adoption of Corvi.

woefffff greetings from Almere

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