December 31, 2017

FRIDAY FRIDAY - Frankske, beaten, left for dead ...

An incredibly sad story, ... This death-brave soul was beaten by his boss until he collapsed ... Under the delusion that he was dead, the boss stuck the poor thing in a bag and threw him in the trash can. A lady who was about to throw garbage away saw the man very laboriously throwing the heavy bag into the container and asked why the bag was so heavy. To which he coldly replied that he had killed his dog and left. When the lady looked in the bin she saw the head of the dog poking out the trash bag; the poor beast was in a bad condition but was still alive. She took him home and kept him for a few weeks. Unfortunately she did not go to the vet with him, but gave him food and love. She could not keep the poor thing because her landlord was against it, and forced her to give him up. 

So Frankske came to us. He has never seen a vet, he is so neglected and so abused; the poor darling has no knowledge nor ideas of different things can be. He must also be in enormous pain because he walks with his head crooked and you see that he is not good. He is very sweet, you really feel quite ill when you see this poor unfortunate suffering dog. He is going to a veterinarian and then we will see everything that's wrong with him. But one thing is certain, this sweetheart has overcome very many blows. He has left a hell of a life behind him, may we hope he's now on another path and that one way or another some good will come to him.

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