December 03, 2017

More beloved oldies: Emiel and Luceros

When I started this new series on our beloved oldies, I had a list - but I am so happy to say that some of the dogs on my list have now been adopted or are reserved. Dogs like Pearl and Quasimodo - our dear ten year old who is now reserved.

So now I'm gong to spotlight some more of our beloveds in the hope that they too will soon be on their way to a warm forever basket and so much love, so much love.

Sweet, sweet Emiel. Nearly eleven years old. So badly mistreated - attacked with a machete, then dumped in a killing station where he would have died from wounds and infection, had not a wonderful volunteer taken care of him and alerted us. Can you imagine - a dog of that age who had never done any harm to anyone. We want to see this gentle, affectionate dog find a warm forever home where he can be loved as he deserves. Please click on his name for more details.


There he sat, sad and lonely in his cage in the killing station. Awaiting his fate - which meant a certain death. Poor old boy - after 9 years of loyal service and unconditional love his family had no more though for him than to dump him in that cold, dangerous place. Luckily we came along and took him away. This dear boy is sweet with both people and dogs, though if the dogs bother him too much he can be a bit of a grumbler. And why not. He deserves peace and respect. He just wants to find someone to love him and care for him. Could that be you?

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