December 22, 2017

Chewie (Once number 112520)

Dear Ace,

In February 2016 my parents adopted Chewie (Once at Ace.) We call her Chewie.

It's going so well with her. She is so incredibly sweet, sociable and enthusiastic. She likes everyone equally and all the people who see her are equally crazy about her. My parents would not be without her for gold.

Attached is a collage of photos to show how Chewie has changed in those 2 years. I keep wondering about it. The first picture was taken in Spain, the second one when she had been in the Netherlands for a week, the third after a few months and the last picture was from last month.

It would be nice if this photo can be placed on Facebook or the website. I just do not know if this is the correct email address.

We want to thank you for your great work and wish everyone at Ace happy holidays!


Sylvia van der Ham

And my parents Kees and Marianne van der Avort

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