December 22, 2017

Our smallest Papa Noel ....

Fabienne's Diary - 22nd December 2017

The Christmas days are around the corner, each of us looks forward to these beautiful 
holidays in his own way... Lots of us with happiness but others with sadness or setback, 
but it will be Christmas no matter what. Today, people found this little puppy in the river, he walked into the big world like a tough guy, as if he would make it. These people were told to take the little thing to the killing station but he was saved by us just in time. 

They put him in a beautiful box with a warm little blanket and there came my Christmas present. I was quiet for a moment.... But then the cute little face and the tough eyes looked 
at me and I couldn't do anything but be happy and immediately the feeling came up: 
you are a sweetheart, we will make you happy!

It is amazing how a little doggy can bring such happiness... however many worries you might 
have, your dog will always bring a smile to your face.... 
On behalf of all our doggies, I would like wish you all a warm and lovely Christmas! We 
would also like to thank all of you for all your efforts for our dogs, big or small, your time, 
your efforts mean so much to us! Look at our little Papa Noel, he needs us, he wants a 
warm basket, that is why we do what we do. Throughout the year, from Christmas to Christmas, our papa Noel will be representing all the other dogs... because there are so 
many who need justice and love, from Christmas to Christmas....

Happy Holidays!



  1. Dear Fabienne,
    is the little christmas doggy free for adapotaion ?
    I adopted 12 years ago your dog Dinah, she had a wonderful life here....


    Hannie Helweg

    1. Hello Hannie, Sorry for the very late reply. I have just moved house and everything is a bit chaotic. I don't know if little Papa Noel is up for adoption. I think maybe Fabienne will keep him. If you email she will be able to tell you. Thank you for supporting ACE and for reading the blog and for adopting Dinah. It's so good of you to have given her a loving home. Thank you Clodagh